Baroka Basadi

Baroka Basadi means ‘Women Sewing” in Se Sotho

and thats exactly what we do!

Baroka Basadi is a womens micro business collective. We coordinate the production of large runs of various bags with women owned micro businesses. Some of the businesses operate from shared working spaces and others operate from home or independent premises. Each business generates income from the Collective and from their own clients. For a directory of the micro-businesses we work with or to meet the business that made your bag click here!

Please feel free to contact the businesses directly should something catch your eye and if you are looking for larger runs then contact us

Baroka Basadi manufactures items of all descriptions but we tend to focus on bags for 3rd parties, conferencing and corporate gifting.

We use recovered waste plastic in the lining of all of our products and we predominantly use SA made fabrics like Shwe Shwe for the exterior. We can also use SA sourced fabrics like denim, cotton twill, jute, wax print or any other fabric you would like us to recycle!